!!!!!!! Somewhere!!!!!!!!

Somewhere I can see my people

Somewhere I can hear their voices

Somewhere I can hear their laughter and Joy

Somewhere I can hear their cries

Somewhere I can feel their heart beat.

Somewhere I can know about their desires

Somewhere I can feel and see their dreams some of them are become true

Somewhere I can see them standing and becoming a nation

Somewhere I can see them all together be unity against tribalism, against the war, against their conditions, against the black prisons and against the authority that is abusing them.

Somewhere I wonder where it will all happen.

And my heart answered it will happen in the land call (Western Sahara) the Saharawi people will see and feel what call freedom, it will be in their heart, in their homes , in their schools, in their roads, freedom will be their prosperity and dignity it will be the air that the will be breathing , it going be their peace and growth .


Agaila Abba Hemeida