Saharawi Child


Saharawi child, take hold of a paper and pencil
and learn literature, math and science.

Saharawi child, sit closely by your elders
and listen carefully to the wisdom; this is the way which in the
future will come to your rescue.

Saharawi child, have your mind open to understanding.
Let wisdom be your best friend.
Let wisdom be your professor.
Let wisdom be your Father your Mother and your Brother.
Let wisdom embrace you; its path will never let you down.

Saharawi child, open your eyes to the world around you;
choose your friends wisely, let every choice be guided
by a good counsellor.

Saharawi child, take advantage of every opportunity
wherever you go, but don‚t forgot your principles, language or
culture, or that you are "Saharawi!"

Saharawi child, accept every nation, every race and
every language and the door of blessing will be opened to your
house and to your nation. (Western Sahara)

Saharawi child, don‚t be afraid of making mistakes or
be afraid of correction because that is where the lesson is and that is when
you will learn who you are, because you are valuable.

Saharawi child, share your seat with justice and reconciliation that
you may become the turban of peace.

Saharawi child, let the truth be the foundation of your dignity.
It will let your light shine and will build the walls of your generation and your nation.

Saharawi child, be independent!
Be strong
Be humble
Be kind
Be patient
Be honest
Be joyful
Be just
Be trustworthy
Be righteous
Be generous
Be diligent
Be faithful
and the favor of life will always be yours!

Saharawi child, listen, learn, grow, laugh, teach, forgive, love, share, trust, heal, hope, dream, sing and dance; do this and you will never lose your smile.


This Poem is dedicated to all the Saharawi children, especially the children who lost their fathers in the war for the freedom of Western Sahara.  Our nation depends on all of you.

Agaila Abba Hemeida
Student in the United States