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Appeal to all Saharawi Nationalists

non-official translation from French version , see also Arabic version

Faced with the tragic situation of Saharawi citizens, and the status quo of our national cause, the result of the incapacity of the United Nations to apply its resolutions, the intransigence and rejection of any solution other than sovereignty over Western Sahara by the Moroccan regime, and the incapacity of the current leadership of the POLISARIO Front to bring the struggle against the invader to a conclusion and its poor management of the case at the UN, manifested, notably, in successive concessions without the slightest guarantees of the applications of signed agreements;

Faced with this situation, we launch this appeal to all Saharawi nationalists to work with us to save what we can save of our people?s gains, threatened with loss.

Among the most glaring signs of the incompetence of the current leadership of the POLISARIO Front:

1. The use of defeatist, defensive and negative discourse instead of positive and assertive discourse.

2. Weakness in front of the UN and the enemy has offered to the latter opportunities to continue its obstructions and intransigence.

3. The complete loss of the initiative, which leads us to run behind events while previously we created them with the blood of our martyrs and our sacrifices.

4. No positive decision having been taken after the cease-fire.

5. The lack of a political programme for the integration of cadres and graduates to benefit the national cause

6. The waste of cadres, graduates and the fighters who achieved our national glories

7. The pre-programmed ruin of the Saharawi military forces in spite of the fact that they are an essential element in the completion of the struggle.

8. The humiliation of the victims of the war and the families of martyrs in leaving them to face their uncertain destiny in dramatic circumstances

9. The piece of theatre that is the Popular Congress has been found out, its goal is to protect the establishment and work against all attempts at participation in the management of the affairs of the citizen and the nation

10. The exploitation of their posts of responsability for personal ends by some members of the leadership, and the absence of any checking or inspection. Time has shown, without the slightest doubt, that the current leadership has become incapable of assuming its historic responsabilities, notably the realisation of the ambitions and hopes of the Saharawi People, all that interests it is keeping and exploiting power at whatever cost. Moreover, on the other side of the wall: an absorption operation orchestrated by the Moroccan regime and targetted at our population in the occupied territories, accompanied by flagrant violations of human rights. Our people are from now between two enemies: an external and explicit enemy that is the Moroccan occupier, and an internal and hidden enemy that is the current leadership of the POLISARIO Front.

Consequently, and to safeguard the gains of our people, conscious of our obligations to the national task, we as a group of Saharawi nationalist men and women, among us founding members of the POLISARIO Front, have decided to create a national political organisation open to all Saharawis who reject all alternatives to independence and the construction of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic on the totality of the national territory. We wish to proclaim it as an alternative to the aberrations of the current leadership of the POLISARIO Front and its deviations from the fundamental principles of the POLISARIO Front and the methods of its detonator and its martyr: El Ouali Moustafa Sayd. We affirm our attachment to democracy, to the respect of human rights and to the alternation of political power as civilised modes of functioning.

Through the organisation which we will create, we will demand the collective resignation of the current leadership of the POLISARIO Front, and the formation of an independent national committee charged with organising a national conference on the current situation and what is on the horizon for our people.

Among the competences of this committee will be the organisation of free, faire and democratic national elections to establish a new political leadership of the Saharawi People.

We are aware that our path is full of difficulties and obstacles, but this path is that of people who make history, and not the path of the vile flatterers and opportunists, who take only the easiest roads.

Only one hero ? the People; only one leader ? the Martyr.

El Ayoun, 4th July 2004
Saharawi Refugee Camps

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