To my brothers, sons of my Sahrawi people, Human Rights Activists, prisoners of opinion, Ali Salem Tamek, Mohammed Almoutawakil, Lyidri Lhoucine, Brahim Noumria, Laarbi Masaoud, Ahmed Hmad, Aminatou Haidar, and all Sahrawi prisoners in the Black Prison of Laayoune,

From a far country, I express my deep and sincere solidarity and support, and ask God to watch upon you and help you in your struggle for freedom. I was shocked reading all the atrocities you are subjected to, and the horrible methods of torture you had to endure for the only reason that you fight for the right of your people to freedom and a life in dignity.

Thanks to you and your endless efforts and sacrifices, you showed to the world the strength of Sahrawi people and their will to struggle for their right to auto-determination. Thirty years under oppression only made them stronger and tougher, and louder than ever for the entire world to hear them shout "We want our territory back!"

It's been 48 days since you started your hunger strike, and even if I worry a lot about your health conditions, I can only salute you proudly, you Heroes of my people. You proved how strong a Sahrawi can be when needed, and your rejection of ending your hunger strike despite your deteriorating health conditions is the proof that this issue is not a joke, and Moroccan and international opinion must take it seriously to solve a problem of three decades of unlawful detentions, abductions, murders and marginalization against Sahrawi people.

May your present ordeal lead to a significant change in the Moroccan position towards the Sahara issue, and be sure that your efforts will not be fruitless. Your fight is legal, and your cause is strong.

Be faithful, never give up the fight!

Yours faithfully,

K.E.H., a Saharawi woman living far from home