Nafaa Mohamed Salem

The UN resolutions on Western Sahara are like diarrhoea, watered down shit. The Plan is dying after several years of declining health and tender care of the UN.

We admitted that we had underestimated how long it would take to solve the issue that way. Sixteen years after the settlement Plan was set early last decade, we conceded that we all together have wrongly presumed- when the UN arrived- that victory was all in the bag. Most of us deplore that the process had not gone to the original plans and it is taking far longer, with greater costs, than anticipated. I agree with the Saharwi public that this is an ill-considered project, however, it is high time that I call on the faithful Saharawis to rediscover their self- belief and to Polisario leaders to realize that the current situation represents a challenge that it would take another generation to face down. I think we are wiser now to the fact that this is a generation-long struggle.

The solution is to go back to our golden years lessons, to struggle with abnegation, flavour the high policy and cherish the devotion to sacrifices and martyrdom. Our struggle inheritance is rich and great and we don’t need to poach someone’s ideas. The struggle is the only thing that will steel us from the long haul.

The terrain is fertile. The high of the moral imperialism imposed on us by Morocco’s allies had tailed off in the recent years and I had little doubt that this evil ideology would be back, it is in free fall. The door must be well closed, because if this devil gets footholds in a country, it is going to take time to banish that for good.

The imperialism rules are creeping through the back doors. The Moroccan regime still believes the French support alone does guarantee the Moroccan protection from the tentacles of the Saharawi people tenacious struggle for emancipation and freedom, if so it is a mirage, it is an illusion.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem