UN deepen the Sahrawis sufferance again


As a Sahrawi , I never believed in the United Nations' role in international affairs.

Israel invaded Palestine without license from United Nations, and still does its brutal, inhuman occupation to the arabic land without reaction from the international organisation.
Morocco invaded Western Sahara, forcibly, againts the willingness of the international organisation / law, and still does the role of invader for more than thirty years.
Lastly, UN did nothing to prevent the occupation of Irak.
Historically, in my own opinion, there is no organisation carries the name of United Nations. There is a political umbrella named UN aims to protect the super powers policy . If they want to do a dirty-affair against the law, they  will use their  political-umbrella (UN) to protect theirselves against the world  critics.
Sometimes they fight each other fore the use of the same umbrella, but finally they would unify about the same plan.
The Sahara affair is one of the longest controversial affairs that has faced the United Nations since its existence in 1945. The UN did nothing, but some resolutions, to implement the self-determination principle to the Saharawis during Spanish's colonialism, then it could not prevent the Moroccan occupation in 1975. Now, after about three decades, Morocco still does the same illegal occupation, and UN still repeat the same nonsense resolutions.
Western Sahara affair is scheduled in UN' decolonilisation-agenda since more than fourty years, but no positive position on independence  happened on the ground from then till now. No new, Western Sahara still suffers under the new colonialisme, and mayby will stay suffering for countless other years.

Now, UN aim to issue a new resolution about the Sahara affair; it will extend the MINURSO's mandate for ten/six new months. This is the first time, since its existence in Sahara, UN extend the mandate of its' commission (MINURSO) for ten or six months ( no difference between two and six, after the expire of the next mandate a new one will follow it). The new mandate will be long for the Saharwis who are facing a policy of suffocation from Morocco. As it is clear from the last development, UN submitted to the occupation policy in Western Sahara and, finally, throw the towel. "No action against Morocco willingness  without its own accord" ( How miserable is such slogan.)
Ten/six months is enough to make the Sahrawis suffer more and more. The humanitarian organisations will make the sufferance very deep by reducing, as it is doing since many years, the small quantity of its help to the refugee camps. The children and aged people will be the target of such suffrance in bad conditions of weather and bad conditions of life as it is found in the desert.


The policy of UN in Western Sahara is, now, similar of that of Morocco towards the same affair; a policy of forgetness and negligence to oblige the Saharwis to surrender to Morocco after getting tired of the long conflict. A policy of making the suffrance very deep by cutting off any humanitarian's help from abroad.
If UN is helping Morocco, secretly, to implement its inhuman policy, what fair solution could the Sahrawis wait for from it after now? For the Sahrawis, more than twelve years of nothing from UN is enough to them to change their behaviour towards it. They dealt with it seriously and finally they found theirselves in the same point of begining. The existence of MINURSO in Sahara is a bitter lesson for the Saharawis, they wasted a long time waiting for a solution, and when they opened their eyes, they found nothing but more suffrance.
If we ask a Sahrawi now, what he waits for from UN after the new mandate, he will answer quickly:" a new other mandate."
The  Saharwis' popular  opinion is very angry about UN behaviour. The organisation is guilty in the eyes of the Sahrawis and the eyes of their friends. It lost the last bit of credibility, and become a mean in the hand of Morocco's policy.