Madrid's accords.

Sid Hamdi Yahdih

Zapatero is fighting now the windmills in Sahara affair as Donquejote did in the novel of Cervantes. Zapatero wants to do what UN, USA and many other mediators failed to do over more than twenty years. Zapatero deceives him self when he pretends having a genuine skill the others have'nt. His new initiative aims to delete the Saharawis' party from the negociation table and tries to convince Algeria to occupy their post. He wants  Madrid to host a summit to resolve the Sahara conflict, but without Polisario presence. He invited France,  Morocco, Algeria and any other important parties to the summit without any mention of Polisario's name.

In Algiers, he was faced by a firm language from Algerian minister of foreign affairs: "We will let our seat to Polisario, because we are not a party in the conflict."

Miguel Moratinos, the bad man who had secret relations with Israel against Palestine during his work as a mediator in Middle East and has relations with Morocco now, denied the the right of voting to Western Sahara people. He is behaving as a man living outside our century. He described democracy as a factor of instability. He forgot that, without democracy, he will stay  under Franco dictatorship. Lately, he hinted that, the two parties( Morocco and Polisario) of conflict did not agree on any solution since thirty years, and we must find new parties and new solutions to the same conflict. He said: " any referendum in the region will expose it to instability." ( see El pais 16/07/2004

With such point of view, Spain will stay outside any solution to Sahara's affair despite its historical responsability as ex-colonial power.

Zapatero called, secretly,  on a new Madrid conference on Sahara affair like that one on Palestine in 1992, but he forgot that the mentioned conference on Palestine has failed completely. He forgot too the conference of Madrid in 1975, when Spain decided to partition Western Sahara with Morocco and Mauritania without any presence whatsoever of The Sahrawis' party.. The conference of Madrid in 1975 becomes a black spot on Spanish history, and if Spain thinks again to hold a new one on Sahara issue, it will lose the Sahrawis confidence in the future.

If Zapatero would read history very well, he may understand that, for the Sahrawis, "no happy news would come from  Madrid".

The problem is that Zapatero wants to hide such decision on his people. He told Spaniards about every thing he is going to do except his last bad decision on Sahara affair.

In Algeria he roared loudly that he wants a solution to the affair under UN' supervision, but in the same time he discusses an accord with Morocco and France to the same affair without any reference to UN'resolutions.  His other problem will be with the Sahrawis whom he told once that he supports any solutions suggested by UN, especially the last one ( Baker plan 2). Zapatero's major problem will be the USA which is very angry with him because of the withdrawl of Spanish forces from Irak.

After Spanish elections, the Sahrawis looked at Zapatero as the man who has new ideas about the world, and who could correct Spanish mistake after Madrid accord in 1975, but his new position makes the Saharwis revise their judgement on him.

The new Madrid conference which maybe held, or maybe  lead to an accord similar with that one of 1975 will not have any result since the main party in the conflict ( the Sahrawis) will be absent or will have no voice during the conference.