A Saharawi State in the region is essential


The Saharawis have founded their own state in the region, and if someone now wants to compete against this reality he is ignorant.

The Saharwi state is the result of a long-standing stuggle against Spain, France and Morocco since more than one century. And, since its lawful proclamation till now, its age is about thirty years quite a long time.

Why did the Saharwis proclame their own state in 1976?

After Spanish cowardice withdrawl, and after UN' refuse to recognize Moroccan souvereignty over the territory, the Saharawis found theirselves obliged to proclame their own state in accordance with international law and the will of the people.

Firstly, the new state faced a huge campaign from Morocco and its allies in the world to destroy its legitimity, but the Saharawis refused to give up to such threats. They intensified the struggle, militarly and diplomatically, to convince the world of the reality of their state and, finally, they reached their goal.

The majority of the world recognized the Saharawis state ( about 74 countries over the world), and someones started diplomatic relationship with it by opening embassies and consulates as any other sovereign state.

Thus, we could say that the Saharawi state has its weight internationally despite that Morocco had convinced some states to withdraw their recognition of the state since the status of the territory is still under dispute. But, internationally, there is no case called "withdrawal of recognisation" while the mentioned states pronounced their recognition sovereignly, and not under pressure.

The Saharawi state is enjoying full membership in the African Union, and we could not omit a state from the Union because its territory is occupied forcefully by another neighbouring country.The sympathy of the African Union to the legitime struggle of the Saharawi state reached a high level; it elected the Saharwi state at vice-presidency to the Union many times.

UN is also dealing with the leadership of the Saharawi state as a member in the international organisation- the Polisario which enjoys full membership in UN law since 1979. UN considered Polisario as the other party of the conflict and could not pass on any resolution without the agreement of it.

Morocco, the other party, has aknowledged the existence of the Saharawi state after having many direct negociations- face to face- with Polisario under the supervision of UN and the world.

The Saharwis, everywhere, are convinced more than ever of the existence of their own state. They had no other alternative but founding it; they sacrificed their sons and history to build it, and finally, if they will loose such goal for illegality, they will not forget such dream. The state is a reality in their conscience, inn their minds and before their eyes. They say that their state is now out of danger after more than thirty years of sacrifices and sufferences.

In the region( Arabic Magreb), all the other neighbouring countries are convinced that a state in Western Sahara is indispensable; It will confine Moroccan's claims and unlimited dreams of its "Great Morocco" which has no borders in geography, and it will bring back stability to the region after decades of conflicts. The stability in the region is linked with the foundation of a state in Western Sahara, and, besides, the dream of " the Big Magreb Union" could not become true without conciliation between the peoples of the region including the one of Western Sahara. Some people say that the failure of Magreb Union' is only due to the Sahara affair, but the reality is that the failure is due to  Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara since more than three decades. 

Internationally, the Magreb Union, after including the Saharawi state, will be a real partner for Europe and USA , because union has a great economic power.

Finally, a state in Western Sahara is for the profit of all the region and the entire world, and not for the Saharawis' profit alone; it is a factor of a real stability in the region and will do a real progress towards the Magreb Union which will lead to a huge cooperation with European Union and with America.