What means the South Africa recognition to SADR?

Sid Hamdi Yahdi

South Africa had recognised the SADR officially...!

Such recognition had to happen since a long time, but many factors have participated in its delay ; information resources said that a high responsible in UN had asked South Africa to delay such event till we know the result of the referendum, other resources said that Moroccan king has sent Yasser Arafat ( Palestinian leader) in 1995 to convince his South African counterpart to delay the recognition. Some other resources said that the South Africa has delayed its recognition to the SADR only to help UN to hold the referendum timely. But, finally, the referendum has failed and Morocco has deceived the international community after a long battle against the clock and the right. And, lastly, South Africa has hold its promise to the Saharawis; it recognised, offically, their State in a crucial period.

The South Africa recognition to the SADR is a great strike to Morocco and its allies; it means that the people of South Africa has waited for a long time to see the referendum underway in Western Sahara as Morocco told them in 1995 , but finally Morocco has lied to them and the recognition is a real answer to this lie. It is, too, a clear answer to all those who came from Morocco in 1995 to convince South Africa to delay it recognition of the SADR.

The event of South Africa' recognition of SADR is not like any event; South Africa is not a small country or an microscopical island in a sea; it is not, too, a country who could be influenced by anyone to buy it recognition or make pressure on it to do such recognition in such period of our actual time.

South Africa is now one of the more influencial countries of the African continent, and all the African states recognise its struggle to push out one of the most famous colonialism power in the world. It is also one of the three or four states in Africa who are always participating in the world biggest meetings and forums after its independence in 1990. Its struggle, past, surface and richness put it on the top of the African continent if we want to take in consideration such qualifications.

The South Africa recognition of SADR will have a great influence on any African decision in the future concerning the Sahara affair since the mentioned State is the southern pole of African continent, and it forms, with Algeria and Nigeria, an  influencial axis through the continent for their power, richness and their international role. In addition, the three states are regognizing the SADR now, and this factor will do a big pressure on Morocco and its allies in the African Union. The axis ( Algeria Nigeria South Africa) will act strongly against any Moroccan's attempt to return back to the continent in the future.

The South Africa recognition of SADR is a new support to Western Sahara people, and in addition, it means that Africa, as a continent, will play a big role in the future to pressure on Morocco to incline to the international legetimity. It means, also, that Africa is re-newing its official position towards the Sahara affair. As Saharwis we thank very much our mother Africa for what it did/will do for our small people and its legitime affair.