UN' failure: dangerous consequences on stability.


All the world was waiting for a solution to Western Sahara affair under UN' supervision; the Saharawis( refugees or under occupation), the Moroccans, the inhabitants of the Magreb region, the African Union, and all those who supervise the progress of the affair. Finally, after twelve years, the status quo came to end when Baker annonced his resignation as a sign of UN' giving up.

For the Saharawis, the existence of UN' mission in Western Sahara was the worst period they had lived on since the begining of their contemporary history, because UN' mission was only a vigilant to Morocco occupation; it did nothing to prevent Moroccan's smuggling to the territory resources, and finally, it failed to bring a solution to the affair. The period of no-war no-peace, if it was black for the Saharawis, it was the golden age of the Monarch; it did not waste any thing, contrarely, its still doing the job of occupant under international cover.

The Saharawis now have no reason argument to stay in the status quo waiting for nothing, and the world could not blame them if they will come back to arms. From now on, dealing with UN is wasting of time, because the so-called UN has nothing to do with Morocco stubborness.

The Saharawis living in the occupied territory lost, too, the last bit of hope, and will not stay waiting for nothing after twelve years of sufference. They suffered all kinds of tortures and expulsion from the monarch, and will react against the occupation.

The inhabitants of the southern of Morocco- Sahrawis or Moroccans- are angry-enough with the monarch behaviour, and were waiting for a solution to the affair, but if there is no solution they will return back to rebellion again. They are rebels and have a deep sympathy with the Sahara affair, and they paid a worth price to push the monarch away.

The Morrocans, theirselves, were waiting for a solution to Sahara affair to enjoy a bit of democracy, but if there is no solution they will react, too, to bring democracy to their home after a long-living no-democratic monarch. They did a huge struggle to improve their life under the monarch rule, but, finally, they had been convinced that no good life will be under way during this kind of ruling.

The nearly- failure of UN in Sahara would paralyse to ambitious projects in the region of Arabic Magreb; 1) the process of democracy already started in Algeria, Mauritania and Tunisia, and 2) the unity of the countries of the region under the name of : Arabic Magreb. The only obstacle still before the union is the Moroccan occupation to Sahara.

The other organisation get frustrated by UN' failure in Sahara is African Union. Africa depended on UN to resolve the last spot of colonialisme in the continent, but the "internationl" organisation ( UN) let down the new African Union despite that the Sharawi state is enjoying full membership in the African continent..

As a result, the UN' failure in Western Sahara, maybe, would bring an volcano to the stability of the region. The super- powers must assume a crucial responasability to make under-way the process of decolonilasation in Western Sahara quickly.