The Polisaro: A Liberation Movement or a Tool of the Cold War?

A Sahrawi in the USA.

Many countries, governments, and non profit organizations argue whether the Polisario is a result of the cold war and was, thus, used as a strategic plan enclosed in the overall global game between the East and the West; Or was the Polisario a liberation movement that occurred at a time where the cold war was at its peak, and the world was torn apart between communism and imperialism.

First of all, let us go back into time and lay al cards on the table to uncover all the Implications of the issues of Western Sahara and its occupation by both Morocco and Spain. There was this so-called agreement between Spain, Morocco and Mauritania to divide the territory of Western Sahara, with Spain getting out of the territory with lots of benefits and privileges. Is this part of the cold war? Maybe yes, maybe no!

The East and the West, at that time, seemed to be getting involved, though the U.N. knew about the situation, and again the Sahrawis were not involved in any kind of negotiations or decision making.

Second of all, when Morocco invaded the Sahara, the Polisario was already an existing fact and was fighting the Spaniards. The Front Polisario is an abbreviation of the liberation movement: Frente Popular por la Liberacion de Saguia ElHamra y Rio De Oro.

This Clearly shows that the intention of the liberation concept already existed, and it was a popular movement that included most of the Sahrawis in Western Sahara led by the Sahrawi young elite.

Third of all, people claim that the Polisario is a movement backed up by the communists and by other former communist countries. Yet, the fact is that other non-communist countries back up the Polisario and the Sahrawi republic has ambassadors in many countries in Africa, Asia, and in Latin America as well as in Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, they have representatives in many powerful countries. Is this the situation of a movement caught in the turmoil of the cold war.?

Last, the sahrawi liberation movement is the only movement that did not use any form of terrorism directed to terrorize Moroccans though it is easy to do so, and there are many resources available to achieve this. The Polisario was never accused of being a terrorist movement, and always led a clean war on the battlefield of Western Sahara territory and along the frontiers of morocco.

Finally, after demonstrating all these facts, can we still believe that the Polisario was a mistake or a tool among other tools of the cold war? OR, can we say it is a liberation movement and is looking for self-determination for the Sahrawis, and which is a right that nobody can deny?

Time will tell and will be the judge.

By: A Sahrawi in the USA.